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Giasone Italiano

Giasone ("G") Italiano is a singer/songwriter from Waterloo, Ontario, who has been writing and performing music for over 20 years.

G works as a Special Education teacher for the Waterloo public school board. An avid fan of horror, there is a long list of movies, TV shows, and books yet to be discovered. Here are a few Pics for you to enjoy, and you can also check out this IMDB listing.

Musical Background:

Awards include...

Certificate of achievement for being a finalist in the Unisong International Song Contest in...
2007 for the song "Graveyard Blues" written with Dean
2006 for the song "Everyday is Mother's Day" written with Dean
2000 for the songs"For The First Time" and "Give Me A Try" and recognized for making it to the final voting round out of almost 4000 competing songs
1998 for the songs "Can't Deny Heaven" and "For The Ride"
1997 for the song "Hard To Be Hateful"

Awarded a 1998 Professional Publisher's and Song writing Demo Award from FACTOR. (Canadian government artistic grant.)

Awarded a showcase at the 1997 NXNE (North by North East) music festival in Toronto with the band Bertha's Attic.

Music/perfomances have appeared:

Gruesome (as Johnny Gruesome) (2007)
Music for "Gruesome" short film by Greg Lamberson (2007)
Songs Under Starlight (2006)
Peace Songs for a Better World 2 (2006)
Glynn Abbott "Folk Songs" (2005)
Film Score for "Hatred of the Wheel" by Anton Volcancek (2003)
Critical Mass “Faith Looks Up” (1997)
Bertha’s Attic “Stuff” (1996)
Taster ‘96 (1996 Wilfrid Laurier compilation)
National Chaos (1996 Canadian compilation)
Taster ‘95 (1995 Wilfrid Laurier compilation)
Garage Sale Junkies (1995 Kitchener compilation)
Campus Grown ‘94 (1994 Wilfrid Laurier compilation)

Member of: SOCAN / ASCAP since 1996




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