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Kaden Italiano

Kaden Italiano is an elementary school student in Waterloo, Ontario.

Writing Background:

K wrote his first five-page book in November 2014 called, "Supr Kaden and the Dragin, Part 1." Kaden isn't ure if there is going to be a sequel. Conventions attended include: Ad Astra, where K met Julie Czerneda, who had read, and complimented him on his story. Available via Paypal.
(Price adjusted for e-copy) - $1

Thanks to those who have supported this first writing endeavour.

Music Background:

K is a member of the occasional band The Mysterious 4, usually singing. Kaden lead a younger class in the singing of O Canada at the school talent show.

The upcoming album "From Skull Tavern" features K on vocals during the chorus of the song, "Dark Halloween."

Sports Background:

Kaden is an agile rock climber and would love a full-time membership at Grand River Rocks. The 2016 "Mets" softball team came in second after a hard-fought championship battle.

K has also participated in Karate, soccer, swimming, basketball, and enjoys watching baseball (Go Jays!) and football.



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