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Tommy Italiano

Tommy Italiano is an elementary school student in Waterloo, Ontario.

Writing Background:

Tommy wrote his first four-page book in October 2016 called, "The Magic Books." Conventions attended include: Ad Astra in Toronto. Available via Paypal.
(Price for e-copy) - $1

Thanks to those who have supported this first writing endeavour.

Music Background:

T is a member of the occasional band The Mysterious 4, usually playing drums.

The upcoming album "From Skull Tavern" features Tommy on vocals during the chorus of the song, "Dark Halloween."

Sports Background:

Tommy is an avid rock climber, and if allowed, would live at Grand River Rocks. The 2016 "Mets" softball team came in second after a hard-fought championship battle.

Tommy has also participated in Karate, soccer, swimming, basketball, and loves sprinting. T watches baseball (go Jays!) and football (go Tiger-Cats!).



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