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Take a ride over the Niagara Falls, through the rapids, or around the whirlpool to discover outlandish stories with frightening outcomes. You've heard about people going over the falls in a barrel, but what of those who have stayed behind after the stunts and their deaths? Learn about sacrifices to Tawiscara, the evil god, and the 300-foot-deep gorge, Devil's Hole, supposed home of a giant snake. Meet the dish-throwing ghost at the Olde Angel Inn, and Robert Parson, who hung over the edge of the Falls, only to die after his rescue. The Falls have a secret and scary calling, and those who answer the call are never disappointed.


ISBN: 978-0-7643-2965-4

Book Trailer:

The song "The Ballad of Colin Swayze" is from the new CD "Songs of Innocence and of Experience." There is a special deal if you'd like to purchase the book and CD combo. Email me to find out more.


Accompanying Videos:

While I was taking pictures, I was able to take three short videos of the Falls! If you can, I strongly suggest taking a ride on the Maid of the Mist to really understand the power of the Falls. Just short of killing our digital camera, I wiped it off and tried to catch as much as I could before the mist hit us like rain.

On the Maid of the Mist approaching the American Falls 0:28

On the Maid of the Mist approaching the Canadian/Horseshoe Falls 0:13

A view of Niagara Falls from the top of the Observation Tower 1:33



"The author is most successful when she is writing about historic facts and giving the reader images of the powerful pull of the Mighty Niagara. We feel sadness for each death in her words...“Spirits and Death in Niagara” serves nicely as an introduction to the area and will make the reader want to learn more and perhaps one-day visit to stare at the swirling dark water and the fine history buildings."
-- Full review

"If you’re intrigued at all by ghosts and hauntings, you’ll enjoy these true-life tales."
-- Hellnotes Full review

"LOVE your book." (After the radio show: "The fans gave us 5 stars out of 5.")
-- Betsy Balega, Producer/Host of "Tuning in with Betsy"

"This book has some historical significance and is entertaining enough to even hold the attention of skeptics in the 'great beyond'"
-- Tonawanda News gives it a B

Dark Delicacies Book Store: Paperback Nonfiction Bestseller List for Week Ending 3/21/09: "#5 Spirits and Death in Niagara - Marcy Italiano -- Schiffer"

"I just finished your book Spirits and Death in Niagara. I LOVED IT! The book was like an old friend to me taking me to all the places I knew about: Fort George, Queenstown, Devil's Hole, Three Sister Islands, the gorge, rapids and of course--the falls. About 15 years ago I read Pierre Berton's Niagara (during a bout with insomnia) and I thought I knew everything about the falls...but I learned a lot more and was entertained by your book. SO glad I stumbled across it." -- Louise Gagne, Windsor


Truth Travellers: June 2, 2011 - Guest Marcy Italiano:
"Forever a skeptic at heart, Steve Shockley had to know for himself if these stories and/or events were fact or fabrication, and ended up blazing into the world of paranormal investigation. Ultimately, Steve teamed up with like minded Mary Gasparo, together investigating and documenting the paranormal, as well as partnering as co-hosts of a radio show called "Truth Travelers", which airs on the Uber Radio network Thursday evenings from 7 to 8 PM, EST."

ISIS Paranormal Radio Show: "Marcy Italiano is a native of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada now residing in Waterloo. She is the mother of twin boys. She is also the founder and owner of Web Lizard, a web design company. Marcy is the author of Katrina and the Frenchman: A Journal from the Street; the Pain Machine,, and the short stories, “They All Shrugged,” “I Bought,” “Beneath the 3,” “Cat Got Your Tongue, Devil Got Your Feet,” “Rigged,” and “Witch’s Gift,” along with several poems and works of non-fiction. Tonight she will join us to discuss Spirits and Death in Niagara, published by Schiffer Books." Oct 17, 2010 Listen to the archived interview here.

Paranormal Women League | Blog Talk Radio Feed - "Author Marcy Italiano JoinParawomen Scream Radio w/Love and Horror Amy & Beverly The Gothic Gourmet! - Apr 29, 2010" Listen to the archived interview here. Note: My part starts over ten mintures into the show, please be patient. :)

Rev. Tim Shaw interviewed me on the Black Cat Lounge online radio show on July 24, 2009.

Come and listen to the Betsy Balega Show where I did an hour interview on October 20, 2008.

My short segment on 570News Radio show ( on Tuesday, August 5, 2008 at 1pm click here to listen.

I was a guest on the KAPS Paranormal Radio show ( on Sunday, July 27th at 8pm for an hour's show full of questions.

The online travel magazine for women,, has an article featuring little snips of information from SPIRITS AND DEATH IN NIAGARA in the article "Canada and U.S. Share Scary Niagara Region" If you'd like a little glimpse into a few of the stories, along with some Halloween tips for the ghostly season make sure you check it out. The website is a great travel resource, and I'm thrilled to provide some spooky destinations! (May 08)




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